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Located in Jinhua City, China Xundong Scooters Co., Ltd. is one of the largest kart manufacturer and store in China. With a talented team of technical and managerial personnel, We have been awarded ISO certification, US EPA certification, European CE and MARK certifications, UK OFFCOM certification, as well as EU ROSH certification.

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Sometimes people wonder about how fast go carts can really go. The answer can vary widely depending on the type of machine, but this page will take a look at some fast go carts including fast off road go karts. Racing go carts can go faster than most people realize! How does 100-150MPH sound?!?! Shifter karts are one type of very fast go carts. A shifter kart is a pure racing machine that is not very useful for any other purpose. They are designed to be run on very smooth pavement surfaces. If you look closely at one, you can see why! They are very LOW to the ground, they have no real suspension movements, and they are usually set up with racing slicks for tires. They are basically miniature race cars. However, for the purpose for which they are designed, shifter karts work very well and are very fast go carts! Powered by small, screaming 2 stroke engines with power output that can be 30, 40, or 50+HP, and coupled with a 6 speed manual transmission on some karts.

A real competition racing kart at a reduced scale. Wheelbase 80cm. Delivered mounted ready to go. Our GT-3 Race Kart is pure racing. 6.5HP Honda overhead valve engines, internal wet clutches, upholstered Tillet seats, custom steering wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, seat belts and roll bar protection. These machines were built to race! Click on the photo below for complete spec sheet. Just like the adult machines, the Kid Karts provide younger racers with all the speed and thrills they can handle while maintaining a SAFE experience. We supply junior helmets, junior neck braces, and the best-built junior kart on the market today*. Powered by a 5.5 HP Honda engine with internal wet clutches, and hydraulic disc brakes. Our kid karts also feature ADJUSTABLE gas and brake pedals, adjustable seats and steering columns so that your child is comfortable behind the wheel. All of our karts have seat belts and roll bar protection as well. Click on the photo below for complete spec sheet.

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