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Located in Jinhua City, China Xundong Scooters Co., Ltd. is one of the largest scooter manufacturer and motorcycle designer in China that specializes in designing, producing and marketing mopeds, motorcycles, atvs, go karts, golf carts, mini choppers, gas scooters, electric scooters, mobility scooters, mini scooters, motor scooters, razor scooter scooters and so on.

The company has a total amout of fixed assets of 30 millions RMB, and occupies an area of 510,000 square meters. It has two factory areas in East Jinhua and West Jinhua and owns five state-of-the-art production lines. With 600 employees, the company has built a capacity to produce 600,000 scooters annually.

With a talented team of technical and managerial personnel, We have been awarded ISO certification, US EPA certification, European CE and MARK certifications, UK OFFCOM certification, as well as EU ROSH certification, and we have established a complete and thorough quality assurance system that is equipped with an array of testing and inspection means.

Our scooters, atv, go kart, golf cart, mini chopper have been marketed and exported to over 60 countries around the world, and our sales networks have been built throughout North America & South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We also have OEM customers around the globe, mainly in Europe and the U.S.A. We owns a super professional R & D team and the most sophisticated manufacturing and testing equipment in the industry.

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The Quality of Battery Becoming The Biggest Problem of China Electric Vehicles

According to relevant provisions, as the main component of electric vehicles, battery has corresponding "Three Guarantees" period. According to reports, from the market research, some scooter salesperson have neither professional knowledge of battery maintenance nor relevant professional testing equipment, they only add some electrolyte in the battery that has failure during the "Three Guarantees" period, which can be said it has maintained. But the electric bike would be out of work again because of the same trouble after a few days. After a few rounds, the battery's "Three Guarantees " has expired, at that time, manufacturers will ask consumers to buy a new battery by themselves. Some manufacturers will not admit the fault of battery quality, they blame all on consumers. Moreover, some of them change new batteries for consumers on the surface, but the batteries they give to consumers are still old ones, they just have made some technical processing on the fitness appearance. Secretly, they ask for new batteries from manufacturers in the name of replacing batteries for consumers, they sit to enjoy the benefits, but garment steam consumers become live ones...+ More...